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Alycia M. Powell

Alycia M. Powell has built a wealth of practical expertise over the past decade in the business, legal and nonprofit fields as both an entrepreneur, and through her work with corporations, family offices, nonprofits, and athletes.


In 2017, Alycia co-founded Champions for Philanthropy (CFP), a consulting agency that works with professional athletes to both launch and manage their charitable endeavors. As Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Alycia has worked with athletes, entertainers and influencers to establish and launch their nonprofit foundations, manage their existing foundations, and create other charitable vehicles and initiatives for giving back. CFP has worked with both current and retired professional athletes from sports leagues such as the NBA, WNBA, MLB, and the NFL, as well as international athletes. Drawing on her extensive skill set and business and legal background, Ms. Powell has also consulted with professional athletes on their business, branding and marketing endeavors.


While at New York Law School (NYLS), she held myriad leadership positions, where she oversaw the execution of events, programs, and initiatives for hundreds of members across various organizations. Alycia also founded the NYLS Sports Law Society and the NYLS Sports Symposium, serving as President and Chair. The Symposium continues to attract top sports law and sports business speakers from across the United States.


After graduating from law school, Alycia started her own consulting firm, working with clients including entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations, and entertainers. During this time, Alycia honed her business, management, marketing and strategy skills. Later, she went on to develop competencies in the family office space while working with the head of a west coast-based family office.


Ms. Powell also worked in the legal department of an international fashion retail brand, where she focused on intellectual property matters, tax law, compliance, marketing and general corporate law. In addition to her Juris Doctorate, Alycia earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology with a minor in African and African American Studies from Fordham University. With a propensity for giving back, Alycia has served on multiple nonprofit boards throughout her career. Ms. Powell is also a proud member of the Links, Incorporated.


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