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“Suddenly it all hit me—he was controlling me and everything I did.”

Domestic Violence Services

For victims fleeing violence, finding a safe refuge is just the first of many challenges they will face. URI’s client-centered approach to healing goes far beyond providing shelter; our innovative services and programs allow survivors to heal, gain independence, and safely rebuild their lives.

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URI shelters provide safety and refuge to almost 1,200 domestic abuse survivors every night, giving them the space and support they need to heal and rebuild their lives.
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We provide support to 500+ children exposed to abuse, helping them heal and protecting them from the lasting effects of violence.
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We offer 150+ animal-friendly units across seven shelters so survivors do not have to abandon a beloved pet in order to enter shelter.

As the largest and most comprehensive domestic violence residential service provider in the country, we are committed to helping survivors overcome barriers to shelter, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, socioeconomic status, race, and ethnicity.

We provide shelter and safety for victims, their children, and pets. We operate emergency shelters to help and house survivors immediately following their escape from abuse and transitional shelters to provide survivors longer-term support while they look for permanent housing.

Our PALS (People and Animals Living Safely) program--the only program in New York City and one of the few nationally--allows survivors to co-shelter with their pets.

We help victims heal. Our counselors and social workers meet with clients one-on-one and in group settings to help them recover from emotional and physical trauma, build their confidence, and begin to envision a future that they control.

We foster stability and independence. URI’s specialized programs provide survivors with the foundation they need to become self-sufficient and independent. We work with clients to find permanent housing; provide job-skills training; professional development opportunities; financial literacy education; and legal assistance to help resolve issues such as custody, immigration issues, and orders of protection.


We offer hope.

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