Relationship Abuse Prevention Program

RAPP partners with public schools to provide outreach, education, and counseling on abusive relationships. RAPP reaches thousands of teens each year and is one of the most extensive domestic violence prevention programs in New York City.

“I was a really mean person before I joined RAPP. Now I feel like my brothers and sisters can look up to me.” —Chanel

Since 1999, RAPP has helped high school and middle school students develop healthier relationships. Social workers (MSW) deliver an innovative array of relationship abuse services through four components: prevention classes, intervention counseling, staff development and training, and community outreach.

Students receive counseling on a wide variety of subjects related to teen abuse, including:

  • leaving abusive relationships
  • helping friends who are in abusive relationships
  • dealing with trauma from having witnessed violence in the family
  • reporting crimes
  • obtaining orders of protection
  • building confidence and self esteem
  • preventing domestic violence in the community


We believe one of our best resources to teach teens about healthy relationships are other trained teens. That’s why an important component of RAPP is Peer Leadership, which builds teen leaders who can speak out against relationship abuse and promote active student involvement.

In an intensive seven-week summer program, RAPP coordinators and students work to develop trainings for their peers throughout the city. After completing the program, students are prepared to discuss relationship abuse with their classmates when returning to school. The summer program emphasizes professional development, responsibility, and community building.

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