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Breaking Barriers to Safety and Healing

As the largest provider of domestic violence shelter services in the U.S., Urban Resource Institute is committed to breaking barriers to safety and healing for those impacted by abuse. URI supports and uplifts survivors by providing secure apartment-style residences and a broad range of trauma-informed services, empowering them to rebuild their lives and helping end cycle of domestic violence.

During Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we invite you to explore our programs and learn more about our work in addressing the barriers survivors face, through the inspirational stories of URI staff and clients.

Domestic Violence Services and Programs

URI is the largest provider of domestic violence residential services in the U.S. with safe shelter that accommodates 1,200 adults and children in apartment-style units across New York City. Watch the videos below to hear from URI Senior Vice President of Domestic Violence Residential and Legal Programs on the comprehensive services and programs URI provides, allowing survivors to heal, gain independence, and safely rebuild their lives; and listen to a candid conversation between two courageous survivors who triumphed over domestic abuse with the help of URI.

Learn more about URI Domestic Violence Services and Programs

People and Animals Living Safely (PALS)

As many as 50% of domestic violence survivors stay with their abusers out of fear of leaving their pets behind. PALS, as the only program in New York City and one of only a few in the nation providing accommodations for co-living with pets, removes barriers to survivors entering safe shelter. Below, watch the powerful short film “When I Close My Eyes” which brings to life one family's experience from the trauma of domestic violence into the PALS program and hear from former PALS client, Deedra Cheatham, who through courage, determination and the help of URI overcome a 15-year abusive relationship to build a promising future for herself and her children.

Learn more about People and Animals Living Safely (PALS)

Economic Empowerment Program

98% of domestic violence survivors experience financial abuse, and economic dependence is the leading reason domestic violence survivors stay with or return to their abusers. Through our Economic Empowerment Program, URI provides survivors with the tools to build safe and stable futures as an integral part of their healing process. Listen to the inspiring stories below of two former Economic Empowerment Program clients, who through the program, forged sustainable pathways to economic safety and freedom.

Learn more about URI Economic Empowerment Program

Relationship Abuse Prevention Program (RAPP)

Violent behavior can begin as early as 12 years old. RAPP and Early RAPP are a unique part of URI’s holistic suite of domestic violence prevention, intervention, education and outreach programs and services. Through our work with teens and pre-teens, URI helps stop abuse before it starts. Meet some of the RAPP Coordinators and Early RAPP Community Educators who reach 40,000 students in New York City public schools each year.

Learn more about our Relationship Abuse Prevention Program (RAPP) and Early RAPP

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