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NEW YORK – June 28, 2022 – City & State has named Tania Jospitre, Vice President of Quality Improvement, Evaluation, and Training at the Urban Resource Institute (URI), to the inaugural roster of the Above & Beyond: Innovators Award winners celebrated for “transformative work in government, business and the nonprofit sectors.”  Jospitre is recognized for her work “reimagining” the ways in which URI functions and operates at the highest level by building a department dedicated to driving service excellence, continuous evaluation, and ongoing staff training that helps improve outcomes for clients, including domestic violence survivors and homeless families, while elevating the experience of staff.  Key to her achievements has been the introduction of new systems, software, and technology to the organization to strengthen service delivery and impact as well as staff excellence.

Founded in 1980, URI is the largest provider of domestic violence shelter services in the US, a leading service provider for homeless families, operating in more than 20 sites across New York City and Westchester. Jospitre’s function and team are uncommon in the social service sector, and her role reflects the commitment of URI to constant improvement and innovation.

“Improved systems lead to better outcomes, and become the foundation on which the organization can enhance both client and staff experience.  As an example, when I implemented new case-management software, the goal was to deliver the highest quality of service and safety to URI’s clients, including domestic violence survivors and homeless families, by engaging with them effectively and efficiently,” noted Jospitre. “This award is an acknowledgement that the changes we’ve made have been effective, and we will continue to expand our processes to ensure URI is a data-driven and digital organization leveraging the best technology and systems.”

As VP of Quality Improvement, Evaluation, and Training, Jospitre is responsible for measuring the quality and effectiveness of all URI’s programs, including shelter, direct services, prevention, and intervention programs, as well as managing the development and implementation of client-centered, trauma-informed staff training.   In addition to upgrading the organization’s case-management software, Jospitre has led URI in the implementation of an extensive new learning management system (LMS), which supports professional development and a culture of learning among the staff.  Her focus on innovation and impact help URI transform the lives of domestic violence survivors and homeless families.

About Urban Resource Institute (URI):

Urban Resource Institute (URI) transforms the lives of domestic violence survivors and homeless families in New York City by empowering individuals, families, and communities, particularly communities of color and other vulnerable populations, to end cycles of domestic violence, homelessness, poverty, and trauma by increasing safety and resiliency. As the largest provider of domestic violence shelter services in the US and a leading provider of homeless services, URI’s programs impact more than 40,000 individuals annually through prevention, intervention, education, and direct services in more than 20 residential and non-residential settings. URI is recognized as a thought-leader with influence across the U.S. and beyond. For more information, please visit www.urinyc.org.

For immediate assistance regarding issues of domestic violence, call NYC’s 24-hour Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-621-HOPE or the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE.