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Corinna Grant Headshot

Corinna C. Grant

Corinna C. Grant has devoted her personal and professional career to public service experiencing a long, fruitful career at King’s County Hospital Center, first as the Principal Liaison Worker to the then East New York Neighborhood Family Care Center, and then as the Associate Director of the Department of Volunteer Services.


Ms. Grant’s accomplishments are many, under her leadership 598 units of housing were completed in the East New York community, including 182 units of housing for senior citizens (Vandalia Houses) and transportation for the frail and handicapped. She was instrumental in the opening of the East New York Industrial Park, now designated as an Economic Development Zone. Ms. Grant was involved in the development of the East New York Skills Training Center and in the rehabilitation of the New Lots Avenue Branch, in addition to many parks throughout the community, including Livonia Avenue Playground and Highland Park.


Ms. Grant graduated from the New York Institute of Technology.

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