Job Training and Placement

manwomanwheelchair_medUrban Center for the Developmentally Disabled

URI’s Urban Center for the Developmentally Disabled provides one-on-one job counseling, training, and placement services for developmentally disabled men and women diagnosed with mild retardation, giving them the tools to be productive, develop self-confidence, and build independence. We help our clients develop job skills, provide travel training that teaches them to navigate the transit system, and, through our relationships with employers and retailers in the local community and throughout New York City, develop job-placement opportunities and arrange appropriate employment for them.

Once our clients are on the job, our job coaches make site visits and serve as a liaison with employers to monitor progress and provide feedback and support. This ongoing job-site support reduces workplace barriers and challenges for developmentally disabled men and women and increases job retention, which benefits employers and improves job stability for our clients.

Eligible clients receive a daily stipend to subsidize lunch costs and to assist with transportation to and from the work site.

The Urban Center for the Developmentally Disabled (UCDD) is a transitional employment program contracted with the New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities. Currently the UCDD program is also contracted to provide transitional employment services with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and works closely with New York State Adult Career and Continuing Education Services.

Job Training and Placement

For over a decade, URI’s Urban Center for the Developmentally Disabled has worked to remove obstacles that cause chronic joblessness among many adult men and women with developmental disabilities. Today, hundreds of jobs have been provided, and individuals have been placed in positions that include:

Stock/Shipping Clerk
Airport Ramp Agent
Airport Customer Escort
Clerical Assistant
Security Monitor
Fast Food Utility Worker
Cargo Area Worker
Officer Clerk
Nurse’s Aide
Plumber’s Helper

Employers may interview and/or hire from our pool of available job candidates without ever paying a referral or finder’s fee. UCDD continues URI’s commitment to serving individuals who have “aged out” of special education, and we are dedicated to providing unsubsidized, transitional employment opportunities and supports for adult students with learning disabilities.

For those interested in referring potential trainees, or for employers wishing to learn more about how UCDD can meet your employment needs, please call UCDD directly at (718) 342-2121.

Travel Training

URI provides one-on-one travel training to developmentally disabled clients to help them learn to navigate the New York City transit system to travel to work and become more independent. This training makes it possible for many of our clients to maintain their employment and improves their confidence and self-sufficiency. Our trainers travel with clients, assess their comfort level, and help them to develop the skills and sense of security to travel to unfamiliar locations on their own.