Group Residences

wheelchairman_medURI operates a variety of individualized treatment and care programs for people with developmental disabilities, including 24-hour group residences.

• Our intermediate care facilities (ICFs), located in residential communities throughout New York State, provide residents with full-service, around-the-clock care, support, and supervision by expert staff in home-like, independent settings.

• Our individualized residential alternative facilities (IRAs) house a smaller number of residents who receive personalized attention, opportunities for independent living, and the chance to participate in a wide range of activities.

All clients receive comprehensive health and therapeutic services and have access to a variety of day programs, recreational activities, and training and skill-enrichment programs.

Our Residential Care Facilities for the Mentally Challenged

URI Intermediate Care Facilities: Linden House | Beny J. Primm Residence

URI operates two Intermediate Care Facilities: the Linden House (14 beds) and the Beny J. Primm Residence (11 beds), both located in Queens. Each 24-hour residence is certified by the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities, and together they provide custodial care for a total of 25 adult men and women with developmental disabilities and diagnosed with mild to profound mental retardation. Direct care professionals, qualified health professionals, and other members of the team all play an important role in ensuring the safety and well-being of residents. Because the ICFs are fully integrated in their respective communities, residents benefit from additional services offered by local community organizations.

URI Individualized Residential Alternative: Ferndale House

URI’s Ferndale House is also located in Queens. A 24-hour Individualized Residential Alternative certified by the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities, Ferndale provides residential care for a total of eight adult men and women with developmental disabilities and who are diagnosed with mild mental retardation. Individualized service options are provided in a supportive environment by direct care professionals, qualified health professionals, Medicaid service coordinators, and client coordinators.

Services at our residences: All of URI’s facilities offer individualized treatment planning and care coordination as well as a wide variety of services, including transportation to and from day programs; community integration and recreational activities; nutritional, occupational, and physical therapies; and speech services.

• Round-the-Clock Staff Support and Supervision

Specially trained employees are assigned to each site 24 hours a day. Additional employees are assigned to the morning and evening shifts—times when residents require the highest level of assistance. Staff members who provide direct services to residents are trained and certified in medication administration, first aid, and CPR, as well as other specialties. Appropriate resident-to-staff ratios are maintained to ensure that each resident receives the proper level of attention and care.

• Residential Setting and Accommodations

We ensure that each resident has sufficient living space and furnishings. Sleeping accommodations consist of either a single or double bedroom. Common living areas include a recreation room/lounge area, dining room, living room, and bathrooms. To ensure that all nutritional needs and special dietary restrictions are met, a licensed dietician plans all resident meals, which are then prepared by direct care professionals.

• Individual Program Planning by Interdisciplinary Team

A team of professionals—representative of various disciplines—reviews each case to ensure sufficient attention is paid to each resident’s individual strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences. Goals and objectives are developed accordingly. We maintain quality assurance in our service delivery through Onsite monitoring and monthly meetings of the Incident Review and Human Rights Committees.

• Medication Administration

Direct Care Professionals are trained and certified to administer various medications to residents under the direct supervision of a licensed health care professional. A local pharmacy, under a formal agreement with URI, provides assistance with medication administration and pharmaceutical supplies.

• Recreation

Recreational activities are scheduled year-round and include evening and weekend social functions, day trips to special events, summer overnight camp, and overnight out-of-town trips.

• Vocational/Day Treatment Services

All residents participate daily, Monday through Friday, in one of three options: vocational training, day habilitation, or a day treatment program. Transportation is provided for all those participating in vocational training or the day treatment program.

For more information, please contact the Program Director or Program Manager at any of URI’s three residences:

Beny J. Primm Residence: (718) 899-8622
Linden House: (718) 322-9127
Ferndale House: (718) 558-0350